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QuePasa Entertainment and Kantuta Presents,

New Zealand's 12th Annual Salsa LatinDance Competition.

In Association with THE EDGE � & tempo� - Auckland's Festival of Dance.
The Edge tempo

Great Hall,
Auckland Town Hall, THE EDGE �,
Auckland, New Zealand.

Saturday 9th October 2004

Start Time 8-00pm, Doors Open @ 7-00pm
Ticket price $35-00 (plus booking fee)
Bookings at Ticketek www.ticketek.co.nz

Competition Details:

Download Registration Form in PDF Version PDF      Free Acrobat Reader: Download Free Acrobat PDF Reader

The LatinDance Competition is an Open Event, for those wanting to Participate in the LatinDance Competition.

The LatinDance Competition Categories are below.

  • All levels of Competency (Beginners & Advanced Dancers) ) and also the new! Professional class for 2004
  • This is a Recreational Dance Competition.
  • It's Purely for the Fun.

Competition Categories.

Salsa Beginners

Salsa Advanced

Salsa Professional

Registration Cost: $40-00 per LatinDance Couple.
NB: Declaration & Release Form will be required to be signed.

Dance Competition Prizes.

* International Air Travel.
* Music, Restaurant Vouchers, Cash Prizes . . . and MORE

Rules and Conditions of Entry.

Amateur Status
Salsa Beginners and Salsa advanced are only open to Amateur Dancers. You will be required to sign a declaration that you are not a professional dancer (e.g. performing shows or teaching dance.)

Salsa Beginners.
* Dancers must not have more than approx 1 year of dance experience.
* Not to have placed in previous Salsa/LatinDance Competitions.
* Not to be competing above "E Grade".
* Dancers can use any moves they have learnt but need to show traditional style.

Salsa Advanced.
* Comprised of 2 Parts, each are worth 50% of marks.
* Advanced cannot enter Level 1 (Beginners)

Part 1- Traditional
* Traditional style salsa, to exhibit good understanding of rhythms, footwork and connection to partner.

Part 2 - Latin Freestyle.
* Almost anything LatinDance South American style goes, (Lambada, Salsa, Merengue Lifts, and Jumps etc)
* To exhibit good understanding of rhythms, footwork and connection.

Salsa Professional.
* Almost anything LatinDance South American style goes, (Lambada, Salsa, Merengue, Lifts, and Jumps etc)
* To exhibit good understanding of rhythms, footwork and connection.
* Professional competitors only.

Photos and Video Footage.

All dancers will be required to sign a release for any photos or video footage taken at the competition.
Only official Kantuta cameras (video & still) are permitted to film at this event.

Competition Contact Details.

For any clarification of all the above Competition Guidelines.

Please email: dance@kantuta.co.nz


QuePasa! Entertainment Ltd & KANTUTA.
Contact: Eduardo Diaz and Cameron Mckenzie
Ph. (021) 968-071

Competition Co-ordinators:

Averil Clarke (0274) 195-219
John Flower (09) 622-1145 or  (025) 592 501

The LatinDance Competition is Great Entertainment, and is only! Part of the nights events. The LatinDance Competition is a visual spectacular for the public.

In addition to the LatinDance Competition, which runs for approximately 2 hours of the evening’s entertainment, are the following acts;

Kantuta, International Entertainers;
Kantuta 'the latin sensation' is inspired by the musical influences of the group’s varied cultural backgrounds. Kantuta perform a unique style of modern Latino Music and rhythms including Salsa, Merengue, Modern LatinDance Tunes and Classic Latin Favourites.

The Latin Fever Dance Company;
Latin Fever are New Zealand’s exponents of LatinDance and Samba Performance. With an International Dance Troupe performing and Showcasing Latin American Dance Styles in full colourful Costumes, this is something that can't be missed!! Latin Fever have performed throughout New Zealand, in the Pacific and Australia.

DJ Loco!
New Zealand’s leading Latin DJ, selecting only the finest blend of Modern and Classic LatinDance Tunes.

Tango Tiempo.
A seductive routine including 3 of New Zealand's Top Tango performers, fully themed costumed in a special routine for the 2004 Competition, set to dazzle, and seduce, tango at its best. www.tango.co.nz

Latingroovenz.com Dancers.
A group of Auckland Based LatinDance Teachers and Performers, with a Floorshow designed to Amaze. www.latingroovenz.com

Major Sponsors:

Lan Chile International Airline www.lan.com
Wildfire Restaurant. www.wildfirerestaurant.co.nz
Copy Solutions www.copysolutions.co.nz
Annies Orchard Treats www.annies.co.nz
Sydney Latin Fiesta. Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th October 2004. www.sydneylatinfiesta.com.au
Scorpion Distributing Auckland, Suppliers of Cachaca 51

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THE EDGE Performing Arts and Conventions Auckland. www.the-edge.co.nz
Tempo-Auckland's Festival of Dance www.tempo.co.nz

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